Hashtag Trumps is a card game which comes to life when two or more players challenge each other to find the least or most popular hashtags on social media. This unique take on classic top trumps cleverly uses social media hashtags to give constantly changing results - making its playability endless.
This hilarious game will open your eyes into the "Weird and wonderful world of hashtags"

Our 18+yrs drinking edition is a cheeky version of the game with forfeit cards & drinking penalties scattered throughout.

Hashtag Trumps

Hashtag Trumps 18+ Drinking Game




If you turn over a ThinkTrump card you have #ThePower to choose which icon you would like to make a popular hashtag for. Once you have decided & declared which icon, set a timer for 60 seconds and all players have to come up with a hashtag relevant to the icon.

Players are not allowed to use hashtags containing the icons name, for example an icon of a cake #ILoveCake would not be accepted as the word cake has been used. #SliceOfSpongyHeaven would be accepted

After the 60 seconds are up the player that turned over the #TT card goes first in declaring their made up hashtag, the group then decides if this hashtag is relevant (the player has a chance to argue their hashtags relevance, majority rules to determine if the hashtag is accepted)

The player on their right then reads out their made up hashtag and so on before everyone searches their hashtag to find out how many posts it has. The player with the most posts wins and collects in all the cards from the round! #TopTrump


Whoever cleverly won round 1 with the most or least posts now becomes the "Power Player". Round 2 involves everyone clicking on their chosen hashtag's top post (this must be the first photo, not video)

The photo has some vital statistics underneath it;




The Power Player has the power to now select which statistic they want to play out of the 3 listed above, remember if you are playing yellow its the highest statistic that will win, if purple the lowest statistic will win.

Power player declares which statistic they want to use and all over players then read out their scores, the highest (yellow round) or lowest (purple round) collects in the cards.

The Power player can not lose their card, even if someone beats their statistics they keep hold of their card (this is a reward for winning round 1)


#1 Say out loud the name of the last person you had a naughty thought about.

#2 Tell the other players which one of them you think is the smartest.

#3 Make a sound that you think would attract a female alien.

#4 In your poshest accent introduce yourself to the group and say you are (name of 1st pet) from (1st holiday destination)

#5 Rap "I love hashtags, they are pretty sick hashtags are trending like my selfie pic If you love hashtags give me a whoop whoop If you don't like them you can go eat dog poop."

#6 Say your name backwards 3 times without messing up.

#7 Think of 2 songs with either your name or another players name in it.

#8 Spin on the spot 5 times whilst putting an item of clothing on from the player to your right.

#9 Hold your mouth as wide as it will go and sing your favourite spice girls song.

#10 Act out a love scene from an iconic film until the other players guess the film.


Two players get the same number of posts?

They choose another hashtag from their card #Snap

Two players get the same number in round 2 of either likes, comments or #'s?

Players move onto the second post and look up the same chosen stat on this photo #Round2DingDing

What happens if a # has zero posts?

If the round is purple you win, if it is yellow you are immediately out of this hand #ZeroToHero

Two players come up with the same Think Trump answer?

The player with the Think trump card announces their made up # first and then the player on their right declares theirs and so on. Once someone has declared a # no one can use the same # therefore, if the # you were going to use is announced before your turn you either tap out or quickly come up with another one #CopyCat

In the unlikely event that a player does not complete a forfeit card?

They lose their Forfeit card and 1 more card from their pack and put them in the box #CopOut

If you win the Think trump round?

The player with the highest posts collects in all the other players cards #TopTrumper

If the group decides a ThinkTrump answer is not relevant?

The player is disqualified and cannot take part in the round. Majority rules applies #NotAChanceMate