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About It

Read All About It is a fun family friendly question & response game. A frantic fake news frenzy that will engage everyone in play.
All the answers are right in front of you, but can you be the first to find them?

Suitable for ages 7+ years and 4-10 players. Easier pages are available for children.



To begin, players split into two teams and are given a 4 page sheet of the hilarious ‘Rapid Observer’ newspaper, they have five minutes to study their pages.
The game is made up of 5 fun rounds.
Each round is made up of a series of questions about information hidden inside the newspaper. Once a question has been read out each player must scan their assigned newspaper pages as quickly as possible to see if they can answer the question first.
If a player finds the answer on their sheet, they must grab the Read All About It cone & shout the answer through it before the other team. A correct answer will win their team a point but beware as a wrong answer or a hesitation will lose them a point!

Read All About It


Two players get the same number of posts?

They choose another hashtag from their card #Snap

Two players get the same number in round 2 of either likes, comments or #'s?

Players move onto the second post and look up the same chosen stat on this photo #Round2DingDing

What happens if a # has zero posts?

If the round is purple you win, if it is yellow you are immediately out of this hand #ZeroToHero

Two players come up with the same Think Trump answer?

The player with the Think trump card announces their made up # first and then the player on their right declares theirs and so on. Once someone has declared a # no one can use the same # therefore, if the # you were going to use is announced before your turn you either tap out or quickly come up with another one #CopyCat

In the unlikely event that a player does not complete a forfeit card?

They lose their Forfeit card and 1 more card from their pack and put them in the box #CopOut

If you win the Think trump round?

The player with the highest posts collects in all the other players cards #TopTrumper

If the group decides a ThinkTrump answer is not relevant?

The player is disqualified and cannot take part in the round. Majority rules applies #NotAChanceMate